2011 – Space Was The Place

Space Was the Place

August 25-September 25

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Gallery 51

51 Main St., North Adams, MA



Ivan Argote

Hackworth Ashley

Steven Millar

Gary Nickard & Patty Wallace

Julian Osti

Paul Lloyd Sargent

Alex Young & Chris Skinner

Curated by Alex Young


Space Was the Place brings together a collection of works that address disdain for the present, yearning for knowledge, attempts to attain perfectability in the establishment of utopian Otherness, and the subsequent potential for disconnection between intent and end results within the realm of human action. Encapsulating a wide field of subject and approach, the artists involved are united in their work as historians of sorts—addressing politics and poetics emerging from the particularities of an era’s epistemes—neither offering empty annals nor simple nostalgia, but rather enacting isolated investigations into histories that evidence possibility and desire.